Pest control services in any given geographic location should focus on providing a quality and seamless experience. Whether you’re battling insects or rodents, any prospective company should have knowledge, experience and professionalism in the industry. What happens when a company you’re considering doesn’t? More importantly, what are the warning signs that you should avoid certain pest control services?

The Dreaded Package Deal

Ever heard the term a Jack of all trades? It seems that many contractors are offering so-called pest control programs as part of a package deal they have devised. The plan is to get you to buy certain plumbing services or even something to do with landscaping and then, they will offer a discount for bundling pest control.

If a company seems to offer too many conflicting services, it’s a good sign at best that they’re a handyman and at worst, they can make your problem worse. Make sure you choose a licensed and professional pest control service in your area that specializes in the pests you need eliminated.

Missing Contact Information

Perhaps the biggest red flag that any given company can raise is omitting or simply not having valid contact information. When a company doesn’t have a working telephone number or the email address is defunct, it is definitely a sign you should stay away. The same is also true if the company has an unprofessional website or simply just doesn’t answer phone calls.

The Unexpected Visitor

Strange but true, some fake pest control services will knock on doors and approach elderly individuals about pests found in their neighborhood. This is a scam meant to fish for money, but if ever in doubt, simply ask for credentials and any form of identification. A similar long-running scam is a supposed technician that knocks on your door and shows you “evidence” of a neighborhood infestation. You will need to act quickly and hire said individual to keep the pests from taking over.

Say No To Secret Price And Formula

Termite pest control services are the most commonly scammed as termites are a real problem in many states. When asking for a price quote, always make sure that a prospective company is willing to give a flat rate versus a rate per gallon of diluted pesticide used. Most importantly, you have a right to know what’s in the pesticide the services will use. All chemicals need to have approval from the U.S. EPA and the Department of Agriculture, so that means ingredients can never remain secret or hidden.

As a property owner, you have every right to do your homework well and investigate the background of any pest control service you’re looking to use. Make sure you ask questions, read reviews, and if anything feels amiss, choose another company.